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Online Privacy and Freedom

The most advanced VPN service in the market.

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Why Use GateVPN

Internet Privacy

Every time you browse the Internet you leave traces behind. Surf anonymously and hide your real identity and private information.

Change Your IP

Make it seem like you’re located in a different county and enjoy continued access to your favorite website when not home.

Unrestricted Access

Unblock banned applications and enjoyed access censored or geo-blocked websites and content.

Server Locations

It doesn’t get more frustrating than ISP bandwidth throttling and buffering. Enjoy fast and unlimited access to the three most popular VPN locations in the world. Great connectivity on any device.
US VPN Server Locations


  • Get a US-based shared IP address
  • Access blocked sites and use Skype
  • Stay secure with our top grade encryption
  • Watch US TV like NBC, FOX, CBS and ABC
  • Maintain your online privacy

Best UK VPN server locations


  • Get your UK-based shared IP address
  • Access UK TV channels and watch movies
  • Stay secure with our 128bit encryption
  • Access blocked sites and use VoIP
  • A must-have for British expats abroad

Best German VPN server locations

Best VPN for Germany

  • Get a German based IP address
  • Faster connection worldwide
  • View casino and poker sites
  • Stay anonymous and secure
  • Access blocks sites

Testimonials and Reviews

Fast and easy to configure! I had been looking for a reliable VPN to access US TV and websites from the Middle East.

Tobias D. – Dubai, UAE

It works on all devices, breaks through firewalls with ease, and there are never any DNS or WebRTC leaks.


Hands down one of the top VPN choices for the United Kingdom. Fast, secure, unlocks the BBC. What else could you ask for?

Very reliable VPN! I travel a lot and always need a stable secure connection, especially in WiFi hotspots. I would definitely recommend this VPN to anyone.

Paul G. – Kent, UK

Great service! I was up and running within a few minutes this is the best $13.99 I’ve ever spent! I’m now watching TV from home. Thanks GateVPN!

Mike B.- Texas, USA

If you’re looking for an alternative to many of the other VPN providers, GateVPN is definitely worth checking out.

A VPN with many things to like. The software is great and they’re one of the few to not keep any logs.

When you want to catch up the Bundesliga, look no further than GateVPN, a German VPN with top notch speed test results.

Why Gate VPN Is Your Best Choice

Unlock the net and stay safe online with Gate VPN. Much like a VPN account with industry leaders like NordVPN, ours allow you to surf the web anonymously and safely. You can also bypass filters imposed by your office, ISP or government.

By using a secure and anonymous connection through our VPN servers in the UK, Germany or the USA, you can get full internet access in countries that censor or block your connection. While we may not have as many servers as ExpressVPN, our infrastructure is much more robust.

GateVPN allows you to use Skype and access any website you like when traveling to countries that block them. This feature is critical for expats and business travelers. We will also keep your data safe from hackers or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.


We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the market. While providers like PureVPN often compromise on quality to offer the best price possible, that is something we at GateVPN refuse to do. With our service, you always get what you pay for.