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Internet Privacy

Although you may be unaware of it, every time you browse the internet you leave traces behind. Those traces can be used to uncover confidential information about your habits and interests. They are collected and examined by web portals and search engines for marketing reasons.

A VPN allows a user a way to surf the net anonymously and to hide their private information and identity.

GateVPN software gives you an anonymous IP address and automatically encrypts all traces and data between your computer and the internet.

Government Restrictions on Internet Usage

Governments in non-democratic countries restrict web browsing and VOIP services of their citizens. States in the Middle East, China, and Belize to name a few, restrict the Internet content of their users can view.

Having a VPN account from GateVPN will enable you to bypass all of these restrictions. It will let you surf the Internet as if physically located in the UK, Germany or the US.

If you have friends based in one of these countries, who can’t access the GateVPN website, you can order it for them. Send account details to them by email. Luckily, at least for the time being, email is not yet blocked.