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What is GateVPN?

GateVPN deliver an encrypted solution between your computer and country specific gateways. When you use our gateway, your location actually changes. If, for example, you are in Singapore and use our German servers your location will be recorded as Germany. In addition to changing your location your session is encrypted, this has the added benefit of your absolute privacy. This will enable you to use Skype or other void application as well as access any content that may be blocked by your ISP – such as Facebook, You Tube, The BBC, Hulu and many other sites that may be blocked.

Why do I need a VPN?

This is such a great question it has a page all of it’s own, plus the video below.

Will it make my connection Slower?

No, it won’t slow you down at all. Though it depends on the speed of the site you are visiting and you internet connection.

Will GateVPN work with my router or firewall?

The VPN should work with your router or firewall without any additional configuration, every now and again there may be some problem. Just send us an email detailing the problem and we’ll help you get it running.

Will GateVPN work with my computer?

GateVPN works with WIndows XP, Windows Vista, Apple Mac (including Snow Leopard) and Linux computers. If you run into any problems just let us know and we’ll soon have you up and running.

Isn’t this just a Proxy?

No. As well as being much faster than a proxy, GateVPN worked with all your applications including, Skype, MSN and even your email.

Do I need to buy any other software?

No. We provide everything you need to use GateVPN.

What if my provider blocks access to my vpn?

This is very unlikely but if it happens, we’ll refund you.

Can I use GateVPN on more than one computer?

Yes. You can setup your VPN on as many computers as you like although you’ll only be able to use one at a time. If you need more accounts just let us know and we setup a bundle for you.