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Unrestricted Access

Is your ISP blocking Skype and other VOIP services?

GateVPN unblocks Skype and VOIP signals, which have been blocked by your ISP. With your own GateVPN account, as soon as you connect to our VPN server your computer is assigned a new (foreign) IP address. The VPN tunnels and encrypts all of your emails, internet browsing, and chat traffic. Once it arrives at its final destination, it is decrypted.

You will be invisible to your local ISP. All they will see is a single encrypted data stream between you and the GateVPN server. Your ISP has no chance of monitoring or restricting your VOIP traffic.

Access TV Websites From Abroad for Free

Gate VPN gives you a unique IP address, which allows you to watch TV websites in the UK, Germany, and USA.

Other advantages of your private VPN include:

  • Become anonymous and protect your identity by using your secure VPN.
  • Access all blocked websites in restricted countries with your UK, German or US IP address.
  • Surf safely in Wi-Fi hotspots (for example at airports, hotels or cafes).
  • If you have questions then please refer to our FAQ section.